FrSky Introducing World 1st Aluminium Electric Skateboard

Traditionally, skateboard decks have been crafted out of wood and this practice has carried on into the latest generation of electric skateboards. Along with wood, manufacturers have also employed more modern materials such as carbon fiber. While those materials still have their uses, Vantac wanted to bring something new to the already innovative world of electric skateboards. This is why we chose to produced our boards with all-aluminum decks.

Aluminium helps combat some of the potential problems that can be found in using materials such as wood and carbon fiber. Wood decks, for example, are susceptible to damage such as splintering, cracking and even snapping. Carbon fiber is also at risk of suffering from delamination and cracking, which can affect the integrity of the board. By using aluminium we can provide a platform that is less prone to the issues of other materials, while still being easier to clean and maintain.

It is also important that the right kind of aluminium is used in our boards. Using T6 heat treatment, the strength of the alloy can be increased by as much as thirty percent. This allows for a stronger deck with even better anti-cracking properties. You want a board that will last and can withstand all the riding conditions that you may subject it to. But not only will the deck prove to be sturdy and durable, it also provides great protection for the more sensitive components found inside the board.

Another benefit of aluminium is its weight. Using aluminum means that we can produce a strong, reliable board in a lightweight, portable form. You won’t always be able to ride your Vantac board wherever you go, so it is important to have a board that is easy to carry and easy to store. So you can have peace of mind that this board will hold up during your ride and be hassle-free when you arrive at your destination.

Lastly, aluminum allows us to create a deck with a sleek look and feel. While many other boards have their components simply attached to the deck, the Vantac board houses most of it components inside. This means no unsightly bumps and curves that ruin the lines of the board or frsky aluminium electric skateboard that get in the way when holding it. The casual observer may not even be able to tell that it is electric.

So at the end of the day, when you purchase a Vantac Board, you can expect to have a strong, lightweight board that rides well and looks great.

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